How can I change my graphics settings


  • Tushar goti

    In my game didn't show graphics option why?????

  • Daniel Chimanga

    Please make this game hard

  • Daniel Chimanga

    Am winning to much

  • Daniel Chimanga

    Make this game hard please am winning to much it's boiling now

  • gloom

    i don't have graphic settings in game

  • Kelvin Onyekwere

    My game is very slow

  • Liman Zahra II

    Since the day I updated to version 6.12, It doesn't work proper, everytime i open it would start and then suddenly get lost and went back to desktop screen.
    I try all my best but aborted. I'm using Tecno C8
    Pls. Help me

  • wahyu Kristanto

    I lost my do that??

  • Manik Ahmed

    Please make this game and 50-50% add

  • Manik Ahmed

    Win 50-50% add

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