Some game values and content have changed. Is this a bug?


  • Elias Gotsis

    I will request a refund for the money I have spend on this game if this continues.

  • Alvesii

    I have never seen such a bad handling of an update. You've locked out several users from the arenas without any explanation of what is going on and what you want to do. I have just paid almost 40 dollars for a package which included 1.5 Million buks and now they are worthless.I will also request a refund.

  • Peternischel12

    What a bad handling for an update! Never seen before!! Not serious and so unprofessionell! Sorry but i am really dissapointed!!!

  • Rahul1920raj

    Being someone who has worked as a QA for last 7 years never ever saw a more horrible update of a game. Don't you guys have a test environment?
    The the arrogance to say this might not be a bug and part of some crazy business requirement is appalling. What kind of Business requirement will block a user from playing the game itself?
    After spending loads of cash and hours and hours playing this game this is absolutely unacceptable. Fix the game soon or I will be uninstalling.

  • Mohamed23juventus


    I have got this new in-app update and I dislike it

    I've noticed that other users were able to bring the previous features back after contacting you

    I need your help to bring me back to the previous version and re-open the arenas to me as earlier

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