Update 1.30 Notes


  • Agus

    I enjoyed the event system, and I’m looking forward to playing again in a few days. The only problem is that half of my matches were against cheaters, luckily only one of them was able to defeat me. Good job and I hope you continue working on this awesome game.

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  • David

    Hi Charles,

    You'll now find a comment on that thread. We'll be keeping an eye on it and will update you if any developments occur.

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  • CreativeRoGamers_YouTube

    Hello, David!
    Great update! We have some questions:

    1) can you unlock new players with the card you earn in challenges?
    2) when you play a certain stage, let's say, 7/10, in a challenge, do you encounter an opponent who is at the same exact stage?
    3) when do you earn the prize? At the end of the challenge, or when you win it/lose 3 games?
    4) how many times can you play a challenge?

    Thank you!

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  • David

    @Charles, glad you found it. I think I'll un-pin it so it appears in a more sensible order.


    1) Right now, you can only receive players you've unlocked (who knows what will happen in the future though...).

    2) You will be matched with a fair opponent in events, but you may find the difficulty gets slightly harder the more you win. Don't be surprised to find someone with a different level though, as there's a variety of players in each event. You don't necessarily get someone at the same exact stage of any event (this would be hard to do towards the end of certain events).

    3) When you finish each event (by winning or losing enough to end it).

    4) Right now it's once only.

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  • junaid zahid

    What are medals for?Today I got a bronze medal in international league event because I finished 2nd out of 8 people.

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