Not getting any player cards or formations


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  • Richard Mansell

    I got to arena 4 before finally getting my first formation card but as soon as i did my reward was... A massive 19 game losing streak and my win percentage is now at a low 48%!. Its funny, i kinda know who all the other players are cause i play against them all the time. and they're all levelled up to 5, 6s or 7s! Oh and that disconnecting thing.. I thought it was just the internet connection between countries but after reading these forums it actually makes sense that there's just a whole load of low class people who will do anything to cheat their way to the top. Man that sucks, surely you can fix that bug where if someone disconnects more than say twice they auto lose cause its just not right. To be fair there's loads not right with this game, it should be rewarded on skill and a well timed tackle or an eye for a pass but its not. So many times i've been clear through on goal and my guy turns around and gives me the option to kick at one guy who's being hounded by like 3 defenders. Its a shame because it has the dynamics and potential of a great game but right now it kinda blows and feels pointless playing. Score hero was bang on perfect, i think the sequel was released too early before effectively building the game engine correctly. At what level will i start seeing ramahlo or sosa or taylor or anyone else? Oh and will all these bugs get fixed..?

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