Update 1.40 Notes


  • Jorge

    Mostly ok, but now performance is poorer, more laggy.

  • Sid Beverley

    Hi, I agree. My phone ran the game very smooth before update 1.40, now it is like 1 fps, almost unplayable.

  • David

    Thanks for the quick feedback folks, could you please provide some more details about this? Is it the menus or the gameplay itself? And which devices are you using?

  • Sid Beverley

    Hi, David. It is the gameplay. Menus and everything else is fine, but once a match starts the camera and players movements are frame by frame. Similar to when you put an ultra resolution on a computer game then it drops fps to the ground, you know? There is no smoothness anymore in camera moves and all animation is sluggish. Looks like the processor is struggling to handle the game now, but it has always ran perfectly for months. I've opened a ticket #393170 looking for help. Thank you.

  • Jorge

    Gameplay. Yoga Tab 3 Plus

  • David

    Thanks for the extra information Sid, this should come in handy.

  • Paul Caine

    Sorry but I’m not a fan of this update.. the range of passes is near on impossible to make.. very limited players available. The only goals I score are if the player is in the right place after the keeper saves. I feel quite aggrieved after spending money on this game.

  • Sid Beverley

    Thanks, Charles. Yes, mine is a Mali-T860 (3) as per the ticket #393170 I opened earlier. Hope you guys can bring back that smooth performance we had before the update.

  • Jorge

    I don't think it's just the Mali. Mine has an Adreno 510 and I'm also having problems. This morning a lot of crashes. And much laggier gameplay than before.

  • Supamurb

    For me, there has been a very noticeable improvement in gameplay and also smoothness of the match. I have not personally encountered any lag.

    The changes you have made to runs and dribbling in particular are fantastic so far, I don’t automatically KNOW (so far) when I’m going to lose the ball. The marking is certainly better as too I believe is tackling, hey don’t some as “stupid” anymore.

    I look forward to continuing with the game and although I’m sure I will come across something and there will still be areas for improvement, it’s definitely been a positive update.

  • JC

    Not a fan of the update. Players are marked too closely, very few “open” players to pass to. Had several 0-0 game scores because it was so hard to find open players and too easy to lose the ball. The game is being spent in the midfield, with lots of back and forth tackling and intercepting. Before this update one could do a series of nice passes until a player finds an open spot. Now passes are too short and there’s a higher percentage of it being intercepted. Might take a break from this game until the next update, as it has become more frustrating to play (the fun of finding open players to pass to has decreased, while the frustration of losing the ball from interceptions or tackles has increased)

  • Mike Denovellis

    Update has killed the game for me. Performance now is shambolic. I'm constantly facing "connection issues", "reconnecting", or "connection lost" problems, that I rarely experienced prior to the update. I've tried different wifi connections, and 4g, no difference. Playing on an iPhone. 

  • Jhon Doe

    Amazing update.. AI is much better now and I simple cannot predict where/when I'm going to lose the ball. 

    It's running very lag free on my ipad air 2 btw

  • David

    Thank you for the continued feedback. Mike and Charles, could you please send us a support ticket with more information on your issues please? This would help enormously. The support form can be found at http://bit.ly/FTGSupport .

  • JackJack

    I am also finding problems with the man marking, I can appreciate before how frustrating it was to suddenly have an opposition player wide open whilst my defenders twiddled their thumbs or ran the wrong way, however I am now finding it nearly impossible pick out a player to start an attack with.

    Another note - A lot of the time the gameplay has become 1 touch football so I am usually unable to tackle anyone except their wingers who will run a short distance with the ball. Even if my player who I have selected to go in for the tackle is right next to the opposition player he will pass it straight away usually resulting in a foul and most annoyingly a penalty!


  • Fabio

    Thanks, I really liked this update, a beautiful job :)

  • Brujo Benavides

    Me too. The game became more difficult, therefore much more interesting.

    I like how the number of moves that are obvious goals (like corners with hammers in the area) was reduced considerably.

    Way to go!

    PS: Thanks for the extension related to emojis, too. Much appreciated.

  • dan Neiman

    The game should now be called Penalty Kick Shoot Out because of all the ties that happen due to this new update. Gone is the free flowing passing that was the best thing about this game. Now if you're losing with less than 30 seconds left you're sunk. You've got zero chance of moving the ball up the field quickly. This went from a offensive game to a defensive game. Defense may win championships but not as fun to play. 

  • Paul Caine

    So after playing for a day it’s now clear that it’s a game of long ball over the top.. or get a corner for the Hammer. I can see now why you’ve introduced a sweeper/keeper. The game has no balance anymore.. it used to be enjoyable, now it’s just tedious. SORT IT OUT !!!

  • Jhon Doe

    Well, after playing for a few more hours I have only one complaint to make. Fast attackers are also passing the ball faster, often on the first touch, this definitely does not make sense and makes it very difficult to defend. Players with defense characteristics and who pass the ball on the first touch are perfect and approved, but attacking players can not have this feature in any way.

  • Mike Denovellis

    Absolute rubbish, what a way to ruin a game. 

    You've completely taken tackling out of the game now with all the one-touch rubbish. 

    Strikers dribbling with the ball for about 10 seconds before randomly running out of play with the ball.

    Defenders running in the opposite direction after the opponent hoofs a long ball up front.

    Did I mention what used to be perfectly good tackles now being given as free kicks?

    Seriously ruined. Enough for me now, I'll find something more enjoyable to play. Congratulations on ruining a good game. 

  • Daniel Deeks

    This game has just gone from enjoyable and unpredictable to tedious, bogged down midfield battles where neither team can do anything of substance! Players just crowd each other out, wide players barely make runs of use and the forwards may as well not exist.

    I have tried about 6 different formations since the update to ensure it’s not my own capabilities that are dwindling. You basically have to play for a 0-0 and hope you win on PK’s. Very disappointing in all honesty.

  • vultinator

    Great Update! Congrats!! simple amazing job! The problem with this people is they just like to win , don't like to play and don't love football! they just get used to use the same formation and some plays over and over again!

    i struggle too, on the first days, because yes, its much harder now! so i change and change my  confortable formation and (more importante the usual same plays and now i started, i think, to find a good relation and im winning more then losing :) BUT THE MORE IMPORTANT IS:

    very good defense now! no more "I CAN DO NOTHING BUT WATCH GETTING STUPID GOALS!!"

    good improve on the tackles (one of the major old problems).

    more intelligent moves by almost all the players

    no problema with lagging or other and i use a mobile and  a ipad no problem in none.

    The goal keeper seems even better too (or is it just me?) why another one? even better?? :)


    P:S Too finish, all the complaints about no goals or draws, you know that in REAL football the most common results are 0-0 and 1-0 right? so if you want to score many goals play those many games where you only have to hit net! ;) and if you want to know if im experiencied enough, i have more then 6000 games played by now! the only place im new is here! but not for long probably! ;) Take care and GOOD GAMES! :D

  • Daniel Deeks

    Don’t act like you’re above everyone else pal, people play games like these to enjoy themselves, irrespective of wins and losses.

  • Marc

    I like the idea behind all of the updates in the gameplay, but I do feel that some things have been taken a bit too far.

    -Marking is too tight, it is almost impossible to find a player with a bit of space. This results in a lot of safe passes back and forth and takes a lot of pace out of the game.

    -Tackling is too strong. It is impossible to get past a defender, so far I have not seen any player avoid or jump over a tackle.

    -Runs from wingers off the ball are most of the time going towards the center of the field, where it would often make much more sense to stay wide and go deep. I also feel that the pass direction in general is too much focus at the center of the field. If a winger makes a run on the side line, I often do not have the possibility to pass to them. 

    I love this game and spend far too much time on it, but this recent update has taken some fun away for me. I know that it always takes some time to get used to changes, but I think some of these changes are just a bit too strong. I have rarely games anymore where there are two or three goals, most of the time it is 0-0 or 1-0. 

  • vultinator

    Im sorry if i offend you in any way Daniel. i don't think im above anyone, i only mentioned my total games so people know that i knew the game well.About the enjoy part are you so sure? why so many quitting when losing then? ;)

    anyway im sorry, i may be wrong but i still think some good percentage of this bad comments are just because they stopped winnig so easily after this update! not because of the game is improved or not!

    Marc, i really liked your comment. this is what i can call a good and usefull comment and you maybe right in some of your points too!

    the importante is we love this game and really would love to see you improve even more! may be there was some bad steps but in general i think this was a good step in the right dirrection!




    Take care :)

  • Mike Denovellis

    I was quick enough to slag the update off. So it's only fair that I come back with some positive feedback. 


    There's clearly been tweaks/bug fixes since my initial post(s) and I'm enjoying the game again. The frequent connection problems are no longer occurring, or are very rare, and the game-play seems better too. I still think there's far too much one-touch football being played, if that can be reduced slightly, it would make a huge difference. 

    Tackling needs a lot more thought and care, I'm getting more penalties than I used to because of careless tackles, but by thinking about it more, and allowing the opposition a bit more of the ball in my penalty area, I'm giving away less penalties. 


    Vultinator - not sure what football you watch, but you're far from correct if you think 0-0 is the most common scoreline. The following scorelines are more common than a 0-0:

    1-1 (most common)





  • Genner

    Guys you have completely ruined a truly great game. I agree the AI needed changing beforehand but you’ve gone way way too far.

    Strikers now when 2 on 2 make no forward runs, they run backwards or into the defenders. Can you imagine Messi or Ronaldo making no forward runs when I’non goal ????

    Every game ends up on penalties, I am or at least was very good at this game so know full well how to play it, but literally all of the fun has gone from it now.

    Pointless having trophies, I currently have 4 gold trophies but as it stands wouldn’t win anything as it just ends up a lottery going to pennos.

    Tackling also now very boring. Now spend more time tackling than attacking. Would love to know how much as a percentage is now taken up by unneeded tackling.

     urge you to sort This ASAP before you lose your hardcore fan base

  • spider

    please update link

  • PechoG

    Something is not working right with this update.

    Before the update it happen a lot that a player jumped over the tackling of an oponnent to avoid it.

    Since the Update, and at least in the last 30 games I played, there was not a single jump (does not matter of successfull or just tried). That means the game now is just passing to avoid tacklings, because every tackle is sucessfull.

    That makes the game a lot more boring.

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