Different graphic/performance levels?


  • David

    Hi Jorge, are you experiencing lagging issues? The game is designed to run well on all devices automatically, and we'd be keen to know of issues on specific devices so that we can help fix these.

  • Jorge

    Lagging in Redmi 3, Yoga Tab 3 Plus. Lagging and graphical problems (I'll send a picture whenever I can) in Yoga Book.

    Apart from making it automatically, couldn't you give the option to select graphic/performance levels?

  • Jorge


    Graphical problems in Yoga Book. It's also the laggiest of all three in the gameplay, and funny, the smoothest of all three in the menus.

  • Jorge

    I've seen you added Graphical options in Score Hero, like I said :-) Will you add them for Score Match too?

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