I Love/Hate the game


  • Jhon Doe

    Defense players pass the ball on the first touch - most of the time - what happens is that many people put defensive players in the center of the formation and - sometimes - even in the attack.

    So your opponent was passing the ball on the first touch in the front because of this. I myself use this strategy as well

  • juanoouu

    yeah, but the problem is that normally my speedster receive the ball and take like 5 minutes to drop it, but in the other team, the speedster receive and pass it inmediatly.. is weird...


    Probably, depends on in which part of the body or career the player receive the pass.. i mean, if u pass the ball through his feet, it takes 2 seconds to pass it... but if u send the pass to the end of the white lane, he will pass it inmediatly.... i dont know, there are just theories..


    the thing is at this moment I hate the game :(

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