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  • David

    Thanks for your feedback rmsp, it's good to have these sorts of discussions, and I hope I'm not cutting off other responses by jumping in now. I'll try and answer your different points.

    1) This isn't something we do in the game. All of your players should play to the same level in every match. If you notice unusual behaviour we'd love to see video clips of these so we can investigate. We pride ourselves on our Score! engine, but as you may expect there are always small things to address as we go forward. You can send in video links here.

    2) - 4) Thanks for the feedback on these gameplay issues. We'll consider them and as I said before any videos to show us these will help a lot.

    5) We might look at this, though right now your friends' captains' numbers are carried over, which could affect your other players. 


    Hope this gives you some more confidence in the game development and rest assured we're constantly playing the game, monitoring match data and looking for ways to make the gameplay even better and more exciting than before!

    Have an awesome day.

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