Lost money


  • David

    Hi Grant,

    I'm going to move this to support and also convert your post into a ticket so that our team can help you with this account specific problem. 



  • Steve L

    I actually just had the same issue.  Just logged in and saw I have 18K down from 1,800,000.  Was shocked when I did not have enough to start a match.

  • Chris Collins

    I suspect I had the same thing some time ago, cruising along with plenty of cash at Arena 9 level, then suddenly one morning I couldn't afford to play anything above about an arena 4 game. I can't say for sure how much cash I had, butI'm sure I had plenty and the way promotion and relegation works, I don't see how I could have not noticed it gradually go away.

  • Steve L

    Yeah, I gave up on the game after that. Haven’t played since.

  • David

    Hi all, I'd encourage you to contact our support with as much information as possible at http://bit.ly/FTGSupport. We're currently looking into this and aim to fix any issues we identify.

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