Feedback from a Long-time player


  • Toni M

    Nice post dude, I can tell you were on the brink of going full-ham on devs. :D


    But stuff like this is neccessary, I can't think of any game that sticked for a while without community feedback, especially multiplayers. I've tried writing a post like this for a while, but stopped every time. Not sure if it's worth posting 1500-w essays if it won't be implemented.

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  • Jay Galvin

    Oh it's a total waste of breath, but better than chiming in on Reddit. I just wish they'd stop denying that their matching system is designed to stop streaks.

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  • David

    Hey Jay, thanks for the detailed feedback. It's good to get discussion going about the game, and we're always looking to improve our title to give the most enjoyment for players.

    As for the matchmaking, are these patterns happening often? If so, please send us a support ticket with your details and we can look into this situation in more detail, and see if there's anything to be improved on in the matchmaking engine. As mentioned elsewhere, we don't intentionally design the system to give tougher or easier matches, but with information from yourself and others we can see if negative or frustrating situations are more widespread.

    As for win rate, there's nothing wrong with good players having a high percentage, but not everyone can be over 50%, and for every winner there is a loser. We aim to make most matches fair for both players, which means an estimated 50% win chance based on our figures. Elements like formation and skill level will obviously affect this calculation afterwards.

    For your other gameplay suggestions - thanks for these and they'll be added to our regular discussions. I can't confirm whether they will be added to the game in the future but it's useful to receive the comments.

    For device performance, we regularly test the game across a wide range of devices, but we'd be happy to help solve any issues you have on yours. Please send us a support ticket with some footage so that we can dig into this.

    Glad to hear you love our games, we love to have passionate fans like yourself supporting us. It's tough to keep everyone happy, but we'll do our best.


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  • Charles

    Jay, you are not alone. Many, many other people have noticed this phenomenon of one's team seemingly having periods of good form and bad form, and for these periods to switch on and off without much rhyme or reason. What is infuriating about it is that it affects different players to different extents. Some suffer periods of bad form more often and for longer, for example. This is regardless of who you're matched against - it doesn't matter. Good form means you'll win against far superior teams, bad form means you'll lose against far worse teams than your own.

    David has said on this forum (hi David!) many times that artificially increasing or decreasing your team's chance of winning is something they don't do in the game. Whether it's intentionally part of the game or not, the result is the same. It exists for the players. If it's not programmed intentionally, then it's emergent behaviour. It's not entirely random based on the matching engine, because the streaks of wins and losses are too pronounced and un-random, and your team feels completely different in each mode. You have to play the game a lot to understand what I mean by feel. It's not something you can capture on video easily (other than your list of wins or losses).

    But it doesn't exist for everyone in the same way, resulting in an uneven and unfair game where some people can easily play high arenas constantly and still get 60%+ wins, while others struggle to get past Arena 9 and 50% wins. Some people report experiencing these "modes" a lot, while some (a minority) say they haven't experienced them at all. Having played nearly 7k games myself and reached arena 10 with a level 9 captain, I can assuredly say that my experience has been excruciatingly tough with periods of bad form sometimes lasting up to 2 days (and I'm a pretty experienced gamer - over 30 years playing since the days of 8 bit - so I don't think it's merely because I'm hopeless).

    My approach to gaining stars has simply be to wait for a period of good form (and it's pretty obvious when it does come - one's team becomes "superhuman" as a friend put it) and then you go for it. So it's far from a game of skill and more like a game of luck and patience. Spin the wheel of fortune and hope for a period of superhuman.

    Unfortunately, after 88 games in Arena 10, I've yet to have a superhuman period, and as a result I've won and lost a rather uncannily perfect 50/50 - 44 games won and 44 games lost. Other friends have found Arena 10 easy and zoomed fairly quickly up to 2500 stars without any problems.


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  • Daniel

    Thank you so much Jay! I thought I was the only one, thinking that there is something wrong.
    I sometimes thought I‘m going crazy.
    When my players suddenly behave like a bunch of crazy apes.

    What annoys me the most is, that my players nearly never play the direct ball. I tried everything with low passing, high passing, directly to the player or 3 meters in front of it. Nearly always stopping the ball with the speed of my grandpa, so  that nearly every player of the other team can come by and tackle the ball away. So unbelievably often!
    Or when the opponents speedster dribbles through my defense like Leo Messi.. and my speedster thinks he‘s Forest Gump and just runs straight into the next tackle!

    This behaviour of not having a chance agains so weak opponents is the most annoying thing I ever had with a game.

    @David, I don‘t know how you do it with that programming, but this is really crazy and this behaviour is not normal.
    Really.. I hope this gets better with the next update.. waiting impatiently!

    Best greetings from Germany!

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