In my opinion some match is clearly decided by the computer


  • Charles

    Yep. Horrible isn't it. After nearly 8000 games, I'm on the verge of giving up. I seem to have been "blessed" with a 53% win rate and I can't change it no matter what I do. I play arena 10 but keep getting relegated (4 times now) while others play arena 10 constantly and have 60+ win %. It's not a matching problem because it doesn't matter if the team you're playing against is better or worse - if the game wants you to lose, then your players become idiots while your opponent turns superhuman.

    All of this would be fine if it were evenly distributed, but like I say, some people seem to have much better "luck" than others and it's this deep sense of systemic unfairness that is crippling the game.

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  • Charles

    A great example of this handicapping/scripting thing. I was cruising through the latest event - all easy games - all 2-0. Then in the second to last game I met an Arena 5 player (I am Arena 10) with a team of level 4, 5, and 6 players. I have 9s and 10s in my team. These players ran rings around my sorry squad. It made no sense at all. My team behaved like they were drunk. The match was so clearly rigged against me its laughable. I won a corner at one point and his level 4 - yes, 4!! - defender beat my level 10 commander in the air. The game went to PKs and I lost because the ball bounced off the feet of the diving keeper. This is a profoundly disappointing aspect of the game. It makes no sense at all. You might as well have a magic unicorn run into the pitch and blast players with rainbow lightning. That would probably be more realistic than the equivalent of a Sunday pub team beating a premier league team in a major tournament.

    David, FTG, although you say you have not built any sort of artifical advantage system into the game, it is clearly evident. Too many players see it happening all the time. If you've not put it there as a way to maintain engagement (a game that is too easy or too hard is not engaging, therefore has to be tuned to give a balanced but variable win/loss ratio), then perhaps it is emergent machine learning behaviour? An unintended side effect of the games AI?

    I've got a screenshot of the list of results with the loss against the arena 5 dude. I'd post a link here but it always gets stuck in a moderation queue if I post a link. So here's a link you can copy/paste into the browser:

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  • Andrew

    There is definitely something going on with an imbalance between the way the game is treating me vs my opponents.

    Back a few months ago when I and others were complaining about a whole load of stuff, at least it was affecting everyone equally (too many tackles, not enough tackles, too much dribbling, not enough dribbling, players deliberately disconnecting etc).

    Now the issues are only affecting me and not my opponent.

    1) Players passing after dribbling. My players dribble the ball until they either get tackled, or the defending player is about 1 inch away from making the tackle, either severely limiting my passing options or (worst of all) making me think I can actually pass it when, in fact, I am about to get tackled no matter what I do. Whereas opponents seem to pass it before my defender gets anywhere near them - they dribble for a while but pass in plenty of time before the tackle can come in. This is not something the user can control - it's only decided by the game. so why is this happening? Either my human opponents are being given a deliberate advantage (really bad) or I'm actually playing against a computer opponent and the game mechanics treat a defender that has been selected by a human player differently from an AI one (not as bad as it's a bug rather than deliberate, but still really shoddy)

    2) Corners. What exactly are my defenders doing at corners? Why are opponent Speedsters winning headers in front of goal vs my Guards? Why does my Speedster not get the same advantage at my corners?

    I hope there are some answers for this as it's a really good game otherwise.

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