Update 6.00 Notes – Dream League Soccer 2019



  • Weim Tan

    The new update is disappointing.
    1. Pace of the game has slowed down. It is very difficult to play one-touch passes anymore.
    2. Shooting button has become too sensitive. Light tap will make the ball shoot up, sometimes over the bar. For this reason, headers from corners invariably go over the bar 9 out of 10 times.
    3. There is hardly any contrast between the ball and the pitch, making it very difficult to see the ball.

  • Wilhelm Weiss

    Do you really care about reviews anyway?
    Add the possibility of expanding the team (composition) at least for gold and the same applies to the stadium, add the Bundesliga and legends, add the ability to play with timing: a quick match with a time like now, a normal match of 30-38 minutes of play per match a long 45-55 minutes in one match and remove such crap when the ball flies through transparent gloves and other places and body parts and add the appointment of friendly matches and more tactics, And why does the AI ​​know in advance where I will run and what trick will I do? Why, when the goalkeeper goes far, the AI ​​players start to play well, dragging on the time so that the goalkeeper has time to run back, what is the agony of AI? Why can not control the game goalkeeper? Why he beats aside, it is very inconvenient to look where to give a pass from the out, add more tricks. In short, the game is not finalized. For the fact that the game is offline, the developers are great fellows.
    It became even worse to play after your update, you cannot score from the center of the field, DLS 18 was better in terms of playability, even instant replays began to look worse ...
    And this update had to wait more than six months? .....

  • Wilhelm Weiss

    and add more depth to the game, so that opponents change their tactics and style of play, make the depth of the game like in FIFA 12 on android, add more tactics, add personal players actions, add more flexible transfer policies.

  • Sanwal Zia

    Can I go back to DLS 18 ??
    I loved DLS 18. Since I have updated to to DLS 19 I don’t want to play this anymore. C button is almost useless and from B button players perform tackle and get booked easily also my players are dispossessed very easily and it is almost impossible to get the ball back from opponent



  • Ar asif

    Add the option to increase or reduce time while playing match...
    And Add new league to the wine
    Plz..Added Now...plz

  • Ericpalace

    Hi all,

    First thing congratulations for the game.

    I've noticed the computer opponents level has decreased a lot since the last update, like they don't play at all, I win each match 10-0 and they even shot.

    Did anyone else noticed that too?



  • Sanwal Zia


    When did you update it last ? and which OS you are using ?


  • Theresa Etim

    I seriously enjoy Dream League Soccer bit this time around it's difficult and different. Love keep my players, all of them are 100% but they play like their 60% and it shocks me a lot. I don't know if anyone has noticed and the opponent dribbles like it's their life and their passes is always accurate. But mine with 100% is useless. A shot on target ends up outside and when I get to shoot my pals around are already shouting goal but the difference is the case. And also, most players are missing especially Ibrahimovic. And why is the Bundesliga teams not included? And most of it's players also. Like when I wanted getting Lewandoski it showed him with his country's jerseys not for Bayern Munich. Same with Sancho and Trust. I think you should improve on them. Then, the commentries, very poor. It's same as last year. It should be improved also.

  • Sanwal Zia

    @Theresa Etim , all of my players are also 100% skill level but they are often outrun by opponents with only 60-70% skill level. Also my players are pressed very easily and it is very difficult to dispossess opponent and we lose the ball like a child. Also we cannot perform headers and our air dominance is 0. Our passes are not accurate. 
    All of these things happened when DLS 18 was updated to DLS 19. All I want to say that it is not the difficulty level they increased they just made the game annoying.

  • Sanwal Zia

    And Budesliga and other players you are talking about are not included because of copy rights 

  • Theresa Etim

    Yeah @Sanwal Zia


    Please make this game impossible to hack or at least impossible to play online if hacked.. Only way players will watch more ads, more money for first touch and first touch can improve game in many ways please

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