Why do you keep changing things without to inform? This time you changed the way a opponent is choosen


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  • Jay Galvin

    I actually think the win pct is random, and this is after 6,000 games at 63%. I'm really surprised there are so many sub-50% players. Like why would you play if your win pct is 47%? How do they have enough bux? I used to think opponent selection was based on formation to cause bad streaks. Like if you play a 3-4-3, they will match you up with 4 or 5 defender formations to make it harder, but I don't think that's true either. I play against a lot 4-3-3s now, a formation I still don't even have. I have played a 4-1-2-1-2 for two weeks now, winning at 75%, never had such an effective formation before, and I've had some success with almost all of them at different times.

    The only thing I think may be happening if that if you are at L6, 7 or 8, and have a lot of players also at that respective level, they will match you up with players above you. I am at 8 with almost all 8 players, and I get set up with a lot of 9s now. Also, if you play higher bux games you will always face better plays. If I start losing I just play low-arena games to get that winning feeling back.

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