Update 1.50 Notes


  • João Paulo Brum dos Santos

    Various bugs were fixed but I think new ones came up (and more than the ones that needed to be fixed.

    Many times my attackers just ran into another one of my players, and there was one time that my prowler literally stopped and lost the ball later

  • Andrea S

    on iOs error when I try to see a video after a match.

    no emojis available


  • David

    Hi Joao and Andrea,


    Thanks for reporting issues that you've found. if you can provide evidence of these problems with screenshots or video we can address them much more easily. 



  • Andrea S

    no emoji selection on iOS after update

  • Andrea S

    error after watching video

  • Jay Galvin

    It's definitely a more interesting game now. Obviously the defense is much better, and will pounce on you in the midfield if you don't give the player your passing to enough room. Defenders also making tackles on their own in tight spaces is more logical than us initially constant slide tackles. Conversely, every now and then an attacking player is wide open after a tackle or ball bouncing around, which again plays more realistically.

    Nice that Speedsters will now cross it at a logical time instead of getting tackled by over-dribbling.

    Generally you see more wacky things happening now - passes not getting thru that used to before, random caroms. Some players wildly out of position compared to the consistently of before - which adds some randomness that's Ok in my book. My Speedster at center forward now trailing the play by a lot, or deciding he's going to go over on the left side near midfield!

    I adjusted pretty quickly though - I'm winning more easily than before, and I can see that my opponents are still adjusting to the fact that you can't play balls to your players that are too close to defenders. The key to this game has always been to give your player as much time and space as possible to receive and make a pass.

  • Jay Galvin

    Also sometimes Speedsters and Intruders are stopping to shoot earlier like Prowlers. Don't like that at all! If you are free on a break you should be rewarded by being wise enough to give yourself an angle and shoot from closer in.

    And my Intruder used to win a lot of headers on crosses...no longer! And the days of Speedsters winning headers is done. Despite being shorter, Speedster used to win some occasionally, and Intruder won a lot.

  • PechoG

    This must be a joke. why do you keep changing things that were ok?
    I do not get it.
    I play in 4-4-2 and now my wing players instead of run on the side line they start running diagonal into to middle of the field.

    I do not understand. Really. I'm getting tired of unnecessary changes that lead to bugs and then to wait until they are fixed again without notice...

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    I was much happier without this update. In the new update application shuts off when a player is offside as new replay has been added of an offside. This new things sometimes works and many times it shuts off and i lose my bux. You all must relate with how would a person feels if he is winning a game and suddenly this happens....

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    This update has destroyed the game !!

  • Wanglee

    I have all player, but how can I unlock the new player type?(like The “GK-Stopper” type)

    can anyone help me? thanks a lot.


  • PechoG

    Another two new bugs:
    It happened some times since the update that a player runs with ball and then just keep running until he is off the field!
    And when player runs alone towards the goal he stops a lot earlier than before causing that the shot is a lot more difficult to make that before. This is not realistic. If he is alone and no one can steal him the ball why should he try to shoot from 30m range instead of 15/20m distance?

  • Jay Galvin

    Hilarious that the developers' idea was to go back to Speedsters and Intruders stopping on the break to take shots from 20 yards instead of taking open space.

    After two days it's clear things are playing pretty sloppy right now, just midfield tackles with little time to avoid them. Reminds me of the 0-0 slogs that occurred after the first major update. I'm still managing to win most of the time but it's a little frustrating how challenging it can be to string passes together now.

  • Nub
    • All players should take more touches when in safe situations

      This thing is making the game suck. Now every single type of player is the same. I removed the game already 
  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    Why was this update even required?? The game was so wonderful and now its ruined ! Players are unable to control the ball... every player is trying a shoot from so far... close passing was so good and its not there anymore... long passes !! Ok but what about wingers moving towards midfield?? I have committed a serious mistake by updating it.

  • PechoG

    Please fix the bugs! And give an information when you fix them!
    I will wait for the fixed before playing more.
    It nerves me that the wingers when free always run towards the middle! They are wingers! They should only run to the middle if there is no player in the middle! I want them to flank the ball, that is why you use wingers!

    The other bugs are also annoying. I don't understand why you update a game that was ok and the update is full of bugs. Don't you test it before?!
    It is so easy to see the bugs...

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    Is there any way to cancel the update??

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    Until these issues are fixed... im quitting score match with a sad face as this was the best football game ever. I love this game from the core of my heart but right now i hate it as much...never wanted to leave but now frustration has gotten worse...

    I request the management to fix this asap...

  • Erik

    Before this patch, you could score in three different ways: 1) Through balls to Speedsters or Infiltrators 2) Penalties caused by failed sliding tackles 3) Crosses or corners towards a Hammer.

    1) Is still possible, but not even nearly as effective as before 2) Is completely gone since the defenders will not make mistakes anymore 3) Crosses are not possible since the wingers run towards the center of the pitch, and corners are almost impossible to get since they were mostly created by the wingers anyway. 

    So how are we supposed to score goals now?

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    Agree with Erik ! All games are going upto penalty shootouts... without goals you dont even like to watch a football match.. how come we play without scoring goals ! Its all about Messi, C Ronaldo, Ronaldo in football.

  • Jay Galvin

    Yo, you can not have players trying to get promoted be facing players a level above them in that arena. For example, a Level 8 can't be facing 9s in Arena 8 at 50,000 a pop. That's like having gatekeepers to prevent people from leveling up.

  • David

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We'll take this into consideration when planning for the next update. Obviously some bugs/glitches are unintended and we will be working hard to solve these as soon as possible (you may have seen an update come out already). As for gameplay, this is being monitored and will guide any future plans. I know it can be frustrating to see player behaviour change suddenly, but we are working towards an organised goal to make Score! Match as good a game as possible, for as many players as possible.

    That said, keep the comments coming, anything is welcome as long as it's polite and constructive.


  • PechoG

    Well new update 1.51.
    I played 1 game:
    - Wingers still go to the middle.
    - One opponent player runs with the ball 2 times out of the field.
    - I passed a ball to a place where 2 players of mine were. I had one of them selected. The ball goes through them direct to an opponent.

    I still managed to win 1-0, but I did not see any improvement with 1.51. Same bugs as in 1.50.
    I wait for another update before playing again...

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    1.51 update

    Atleast control is better than before. Still speedster is stopping way before. Wingers are still moving towards mid field. Opponents’ guard passes quickly... my guard takes time.... 5 upgrade player is running faster than 7 upgrade player...strange

  • Notnick

    New update is a complete joke. Game was perfect before. Now getting deleted.

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    When is the next update coming? Its a never ending frustration !!

  • Charles

    This update is a terrible mistake. I can't believe anyone actually play tested it and gave it the thumbs up. Matches have become more random than ever. Might as well just be rolling a dice - a game of pass and pray. There's no skill involved anymore (there wasn't much to begin with). I've been winning about 25% of my games since the update and I am going to give up completely soon. It's just not fun to continually lose for no apparent reason. I've tried pretty much every formation with all sorts of player combination, but nothing helps at all. The game feel random, mushy, and horribly biased against me. I'll  get the occasional game where my team decide to play well (nothing to do with my control - its just the AI  making up its mind to favour me or the other team). It's crazy. The game had its problems before, but now it's ruined.

  • Charles

    Btw, I lost both of the Christmas cup events in the first round against much weaker teams. How is that even remotely fun or realistic? There's no skill based challenge here any more. It's just random crap.

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    I would like to meet that person who planned this update !! First you used to lose because of more skilled opponent and now we lose just because there are bugs !! The objective of having a speedster is buried now.

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    FTG please respond. Do u want us to die of frustration??

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