• Harimau Malaya

    I dont think so. Because you need to online to download the kit by pasting the URL link into the box.

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  • Olayinka Michael Olamide

    No you can't, cuz you need a valid URL to the kit (jersey/logo) to successfully upload. But I gave a tip for you 😜.
    Simply download an http server on your device.
    Host your designed kits (jersey /logo) on the server's root folder (simply copy the kits to the servers folder)
    Start your server.
    And then simply enter the absolute URL into DLS kit download field.
    Your URL should look like this E.g


    Where 8080 is your port number.

    You can also upload your kits to a live website, Google Drive or Drop box. Copy the link and paste it into DLS kit download field. ☺ 

    No other way except these options I guess. 
    Good luck.

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