Update 1.52 Notes


  • PechoG

    It takes 30s in a first match to see that you did not change nothing regarding the wingers but.
    When they are alone, they still run immediately to the middle instead of running along the side line.

    I don't get it. Do you really want that to happen?! That's not football.

    30s with 4-4-2 formation and you see it.
    I'm waiting almost a month for that bug fix.
    I'm tired!

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  • PechoG

    2nd game played.
    You wrote:
    "Players should run closer to goal when they have a good opportunity to shoot."

    See screenshot:

    Is it so difficult to correct bugs?!
    Please comment on the Winger issue! (See post above)

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  • Charles

    Thanks for the continued efforts David and the rest of the FTG team.

    Unfortunately, the problem with my team being in bad form most of the time is still apparent. When they are in good form and I'm winning 60 to 70% of my matches, then the game is a pure joy. I love it. Crushingly, these periods of good form are fleeting and last maybe an hour, sometimes several hours and always come with a balancing period of bad form, which saps away the feel good factor of the good form... ☹️

    You may think this is all just sour grapes and I'm moaning because I'm a bad player and don't have the skills to win as much as I'd like, but I've played enough games in my life to be able to know this isn't just down to my lack of gaming skill - there's clearly a handicapping system going on driving me relentlessly towards around 53% wins, maybe 54% if I play a lot of arena 1.

    Regarding the thing where players shoot from far away, even when they can run further in: tweak the AI so that they make their run in close (as they would in RL) but have the keeper run out and try to save. Make the internal event calculator then decide whether the attacker makes a cool little chip over the approaching keeper, or a clinical drive into a corner, or something like that, or whether he messed it up and hits it at the keeper, misses the goal completely or the keeper gets a finger or foot to it. Any of those scenarios would feel more real and satisfying than the weird shoot from miles away behaviour we see now.

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  • Charles

    Was bad form last night and still bad form today. It’s utter joyless and demotivating. What is the secret to getting your team to play well consistently? Do we have to play a certain amount of games, spend gems, play at a certain time of day, utter a secret incantation or what? It makes NO sense.

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  • PechoG

    Winger issue: see video

    He receives the ball and instead of running on the side line, he runs diagonally in direction to the opponent.
    When he has space he always do that. If he doesn't have space he runs along the sideline.
    He is a winger on 4-4-2. He should always run on the sideline unless there is no opponent in the middle or no team player in the middle.

    Another issue. A player receives the ball and run and run until he is off the field!
    See video:

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  • Jay Galvin

    Well, all good things come to an end David and the rest of the gang. You've definitely made the game worse. I've commented a lot but this will be it for me. Again, I think you really have lost sight of something - the game should be fun, and there should be some sort of merit to good play. Level 8 players should be "good" - they shouldn't take 5 touches to settle a ball, or dribble 5 times into a defender. If people actually like winning at 50% then more power to them, but it's just become a really poor playing experience for me. I dropped from 1900 stars to 1800 in one morning. That's enough for me. If I play 1,000 more games I'll have some Level 9 players, but I'm not going to bother. I'm still playing a ton of opponents in 4-3-3's or 4-1-2-3s and I still don't even have that formation!

    As for this terrible update:


    • Players will now attempt tackles more readily – this should lead to more intense passages of play and slightly more free kicks and penalties than before.


    I'm sorry, who was clamoring for more pks and free kicks? More slide tackles in the box for penalties? Speedsters dribbling into tackles on the wing again? Players flying in from the equivalent of 15-20 yards while a "skill" player can't settle a ball? These all make the game worse, not better.


    • Players should run closer to goal when they have a good opportunity to shoot.


    Haven' really noticed much of a change...


    • More intelligent dribbling to reduce running into defenders, and reduce situations where no passes are available afterwards.


    Not really. In Arena 9 pretty much nobody is open unless you place a pass well behind them and have them backtrack, or send long balls across the field.


    • Players with a lower dribble tendency should dribble slightly less.


    Not really, they all still dribble too much. A prowler is supposed to have a low dribble tendency for example - they should never be dribbling 5 times into a defender who was initially 20 yards off the ball. I also really enjoy my protector taking the ball from his own teammates!

    The dribbling thing is such a problem. The marking thing is also a problem - guards and protectors backpedaling and staying on their mark instead of challenging an oncoming attacker. By the time the eternally slow defensive switch happens it's too late. So you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Explorers give up the ball too much, and Guards are just slow enough to surrender too many long balls. The traits you say that players have just are not apparent enough. For example, an Architect should make a really great pass every now and then. Never happens though. I'm not sure what a Menace is supposed to do? Never get open, and never get on the end of a cross?

    The previous update was better - this one has made it worse. Take care fellas.

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  • David

    Thanks for the feedback all, it's very useful. We noticed that despite rigorous testing the results didn't turn out quite as we expected. As you know we're always looking for ways to improve the game, so you can look for something new in the near future.

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