Update 1.53 Notes


  • Charles

    Updated. Played 8 games so far in a variety of arenas from 1 to 9. Lost 7. Same old, same old. ☹️

    Do do you think I should contact support, David? I can’t see how routinely losing so many games can be said to be a balanced game. Not sure what else to do at this point. I’m fed up with “checking in” every so often to find out if my team is playing well and finding it is not.

  • Jay Galvin

    The game is still broken man. Don't know when the update came through exactly but I've gone 20 straight games without scoring 2 goals. That's definitely never happened before. 10 of those games have gone to PKs. I've won 9, lost 11. Total goals scored: Me - 14, Opponents - 20. I somehow won my first two games today 2-0 and 2-1, so the day's tally is 11-11, 18 GF, 21 GA. This is in various formations and player choices. 3-2 vs L8s; 1-1 vs L10s; 7-8 vs L9s.

    As a Level 9 with nothing but 8s, playing in Arenas 4-9 today, all I can tell is that it is extremely hard to score. Nobody is open, nobody can get open, when they are open they are pretty easily tackled, and lastly, the keepers are strong enough that I can't put away as many balls as I used to. From what I can tell, I won't be able to compete again until I get half my team full of 9s like my opponents have, which will take forever.

    In the words of Joshua, "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?".

    Still a First Touch fan though...looking forward to the revival of FTS20!

  • Andrew

    Something odd going on with headers - I have Novak the Hammer up front and I don't think he has ever won a header in open play. Every time I play a high ball up to him he doesn't even jump, let alone win the header. Doesn't matter who the defender is either - Commander, Explorer - Infiltrator even, he never wins. He also seems to just get bundled off the ball too often. He's useless in open play and the only reason I keep him in is because from a corner, he's still nearly a guaranteed goal as, oddly, he always seems to win *these* headers.

    Also still seeing the issue of opponent players passing the ball well before my defender gets there with his tackle whereas my player waits until the defender's foot is touching the ball before passing.

    An idea for a new feature is being able to see a breakdown of my results by the formation of my opponent. I am sure that my win rate against 4-3-3 must be about 5% - I never get anything in these matches. This is especially annoying because I don't have 4-3-3 so, simply due to bad luck with earlier cards, I am denied what is clearly the best formation in the game.

    On the plus side with the update, the game does flow quite well and I don't even mind that there aren't many chances (yesterday I had my first 2-0 victory in 37 matches) as it means games tend to last longer and makes it more satisfying when I score a nice goal.

  • Andrew

    Ahahaha - In the very next game I play I beat a 4-3-3 team 2-0, with Novak scoring a header from open play!

    Sometimes you've just got to moan them in.

  • Jay Galvin

    I take back what I said yesterday to some extent. I went back to my 4-1-2-1-2 and righted the ship a bit. Players are getting open more than they were for the past month, and I have been able to get a lot more 2-goal games. As long as some of the faster forwards can get to some of the long balls, and not lose possession right away, I think that is a fair way to go about it. I still don't think we are rewarded for "good passing" necessarily, but the game is what it is.

    Agree with Andrew - I'd love to know how I do against some formations, but I think that is part of their secret sauce. I'm certain my record against 4-3-3s and 4-1-2-3s is poor. And I also have neither formation, so I feel like I am competing at a slight disadvantage. Combine that with Level 9s loaded up with L9 players, surely some of whom they got thru Facebook, it makes it challenging. I still don't want Facebook players. If I picked up someone's else's L9 Speedsters and Intruders I'd win at about 80%.

  • Jay Galvin

    Oh and I think winning headers is not even worth trying except on a corner. My Hammer doesn't win at the rate you would think on anything except a corner. And as long as they are flying in from the far post on the ball, most any attacker will win more than 50% headers. Even a Hammer as a central player doesn't win as many headers off a corner as you would think. The one header you never win is a long ball anywhere in the vicinity of a defender, they've pretty much made it an impossibility. The player pushing forward will almost always win.

  • Rob Sin

    Great...the stupid penalty with every tackle in the box is back again 🤬
    The game was finally becoming more stable before this update. Why on earth are you guys rolling backwards? The players tackling was finally good...it didn’t lead to like 80 percent foul with every tackle which was frustrating the hell out of everyone specially in the box. Players were trying to block the shot and tackling more sensibly resulting in a lot fewer stupid penalties and now the damn frustration is back again. Why...for crying out loud WHY?!? People list things that really need fixing...such as the fast players just running out of bound like they are blind and can’t see the line. Or taking a shot from a long distance when there’s no one in front of them and they should get a lot closer to the net. Don’t just roll back to a previous buggy update...what the eff?!?!?!

  • Gabriel

    Congratulations" Score Match! Worst update, sh*t players using shht emoji and now ( after 3 days working hard to get 50000 and play again arena 8 ) I got arena10 player. Better to uninstall it than lose my time to get the money back.

    P.S After I lost the money I played to more games and...surprise: in 2nd match I had the pleasure to play against level9. How is it possible ( I did not get a lower arena player in more than 2000 games ). Give my money back :) 

  • Gabriel

    I expect level 11 :) Level9 is something normal for me now...what have I done wrong?!?!

  • João Paulo Brum dos Santos

    Great update, I see many more 2-goal games. Speedsters are now smart again and wingers dont run out of play anymore.
    Played 20+ games and didnt see any bugs.
    Congratulations on the update.
    Who is complaining needs to get good.

  • Jay Galvin

    Agree with Joao, if you are struggling it's because you leveled up to quick or aren't playing the game the right way. Low dribblers, conservative smart passes, smart long balls when open, and keep your Hammer in the lineup on a wing in a 3-forward formation, or any midfield spot to win one header off a corner per game. And if you defend wisely you won't give up goals, even if you only have 3 in the back.

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    Afrer the update of 1.52 the game was so near to perfect. 1.53 has again ruined it. I dont know why FTG thought about going back to previous gameplay making it worse. Though the previous update had some issues but instead of rectifying those issues... we are dragged into more issues.

    Speedster was dribbling and passing well before the update and now he is again running and running and still stops way behind.

    Intruder and Explorer have become useless.

    Before 1.53 update.... players were playing according to their profiles but now....

    The most irritating thing is the passing of Guard.... yes he should pass immediately but immediate to this extent??? Also, he usually passes sideways. No chance of sliding. Its just passing and passing sideways for initial 15 seconds. Waste of time and adding frustration.

  • Sheeraz Ahmed Kazi

    Also the shooting ability is not the same as before.

    Also why again penalties have increased. We wanted to score field goals not from penalties.

    5/10 games gone to penalty shootout. This is the most hateful thing.

  • Erik

    Great update, now the game is back to normal, very good!

    If you are complaining about the game because you are losing, don't you understand that all matches still have a winner? The people beating you probably do something better than you.


  • Jay Galvin

    Not sure players loading up on L9 Speedsters, etc on private Facebook pages is the best way to run a game. I've had enough of playing L10s in Arena 9 trying to get promoted, let alone the L8s or L9s with less than 3,000 games under their belt with multiples L9 players, running 4-3-3s. (meanwhile I've been stuck trying to get my 3rd to last formation for over a month! Seriously what kind of game is this???).

    But really...I lose half my games to L9 Speedster long balls even when I play 5 in the back. You don't think it's kind of a dumb? Reward players that actually play the game and not ones stockpile Facebook randos! I have my captain at 1,600 / 2,000 L8...what a slog just to even get one L9 without using Facebook, or somehow beating three L10s just to win a tournament.

  • Charles


    It barely makes a difference. The game seems to decide whether you're going to win or lose regardless of your players or how well you play. In fact, introducing a new high level player has often been accompanied by a sudden prolonged losing streak (e.g. 100 games of pure suck).

    I have a team of all 9s and a 10 mostly from FB. I've had up to 5 10s in my team. It doesn't help. My win% is gradually decreasing now. Playing arena 10 is impossible. In order to try and figure out how to make the game fun again, I've been playing A10 exclusively to try and get relegated back to A9 and perhaps get granted easier games. I've been winning 2 games in 10 in A10. Contrast this with the experience of some friends who have reached 2500 stars relatively quickly and easily with weaker teams. Makes no sense.

    If you want to join a Facebook group with friendly people who help each other out, let me know.

    By the way, these ridiculous losing (and winning) streaks (or bad and good form, as I call it) are nothing to do with levelling up too quickly. I levelled pretty slowly. I've played over 8k games. I've got many friends I've compared notes with in extreme detail. I've organised tournaments (see https:// scoretournament. blogspot. com - remove the spaces) and observed the completely arbitrary way players win and lose (many citing the game is too luck based). Look up the CreativeRoGamers channel on YT and look for the losing streak and winning streak videos. It's not to do with levelling too quickly, and it's not to do with how you think your play is. Skill in this game is an illusion.

    And you know what the most effective sleight of hand is in this game is? It's not the same experience for everyone. Some will have more winning periods, others less. Why? I'm not sure. But it's this uneven distribution of wins and losses makes the game so deeply unfair.

  • Jay Galvin

    Seems like it would be a better game if you can't add Facebook friend players that are over the level you've reached. If you've reached 8 with a bunch of 7s, then congrats you can add as many 8s are you want. But you don't get to add 9s and 10s until you get there. I've scoped out these FB groups for the last week - I have half the L6s of central asia wanting to friend me to add my L8 Commander. The only games I lose are to teams stacked with 9s and 10s they didn't earn. I did finally add a second L8 speedster from a guy on Facebook, and it has helped, but I think that is ok as I try to hold my own as a Level 9 six wins away from L10. I've spent about two weeks on the cusp of L10 but can't push through losing to guys with 3,000 games played and half a team of 9s. I'm also flabbergasted at how much money a L7 player has to spend to have a L9 Captain. My Captain isn't even close after 7,200 games, still at 1,600 / 2,000. Added about 10 players cards in the last week.


    Also, some gameplay thoughts:


    - If you play 3 in the back they shouldn't all be pushed up so high. Just drop their max line back a little to make it more fair when trying stop long-balls to Speedsters.


    - Also, off a defensive corner - if you win it and have no one to pass to - or one guy open who then dribbles straight ahead into a tackle at midfield it's fairly dumb and fixable. You can program it to leave 2 forwards higher up the field - they'll still be attacking 2 v 3 at best. But if one is a non-dribbler, they could at least play hold up, until some of their mids catch up.


    - Less back-pedaling and standing from your high-mark players. Their "instinct" should be to at least to step towards a loose ball or the lone attacker in space instead of back-pedaling for two steps.  Being a high-marker shouldn't be equated with being "dumb". Just like a Speedster shouldn't be "dumb" - just limit their stupidity instead of dribbling into tackles 85% of the time. You did it in a previous update, not a big deal to put it back in.



  • Charles

    The Facebook groups are pretty useless. It's the messenger groups that are good. Find me on Facebook and I'll add you.

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