Arena 11


  • David

    Good question Andrea! We have some ideas to address this situation, but what would you like to see? More Arenas? More high-level events? Let us know (we can't guarantee we'll do it though!).

  • Charles

    Agreed Andrea! Arena 10 should unlock a real ladder system and matches with unlimited goals.

    I’d also like to see an achievements system.

    Not sure about more events - they feel flawed in their current form to me. They currently feel like pot luck whether you win or lose. Suddenly coming up against low level teams that play ridiculously, inexplicably well is just daft.

    A more transparent and visible form system would be good (for players and teams). I.e., part of the challenge would be to manage your team to be in form and fit. Much better than the current seemingly random and unevenly distributed runs of good and bad form. Perhaps this system could be a reward for attaining arena 10?

  • Guido

    Hello ... I agree with Andrea ... In the meantime it would serve to create an arena 11 similarities to the previous ones, so that we can play who gets to 2500 stars ... Then maybe even if you think of other ideas better for you , because usually then those who arrive at that level after a little lose the desire to play ... And it's a shame because it's really a good game ... You did a really good job ... Congratulations

  • Guido

    Hi David... I am agree with Andrea... I think that is very important ti create another Arena, arena 11, for all people that have 2500 stars... Arena 11 is similar to other arenas but with much money and different Number of star if you win or lose... It's possibile... I think that it isn't diffucult ti create...

  • Charles

    I want to be able to play against only UK players (or countries I select) and have a country ladder. I like the international flavour, but it's also fun to compete in something that feels like a national League.

  • Andrea S

    any news about arena 11 or something similar?

    i think many people reached maximum level and needs new challenges in the game.

    similar, for newly promoted teams in arena 10, is really hard to fight with formation with all level-10 players...

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