Update 1.60 Notes


  • Rom mizrachi

    Looks cool,
    But i think the boosts are over priced
    Like the 50% time of packages, if reducing 1 hour is 6 gems you save 9 gems in this boost for 24 commitment, doesn't seem enough.
    And one more important thing, do you plan on adding a free friendly game?
    I think it can be the best thing you can add without alot of effort...

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  • ploppen

    My game quits itself when i spend about 5 seconds somewhere in the "menusystem" on my iPhone X. This only happens in the menus, not when playing a match this can occur in every screen but always on the opening screen unless i click on something before 5s.

    Today the app has quit for about 40 times already. Have restarted my iPhone after this upgrade.

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  • Omar zaidi

    Hey team ftg
    The problems in this games is :
    1- Advertising she does not respect muslims ( have lot of advert sexual )
    2 - 5 gems to play friend match its very expensive
    3 - list of game its very few
    I hope next update fixed this problems
    And thanks ;)

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  • Jay Galvin

    Yo that "reward doubler" has to appear a lot more prominently than it does...force of habit I am ready to click the button on the lower right to get out of it after the package is fully opened, and have clicked out at least 5 times before I realized I had the reward doubler option. Change it to the "reward doubler" button is the only thing that pops up, and you can click "no" if you don't want it (but why would anyone say no anyway?).

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  • David

    Thanks for the feedback everyone - we'll take many of these points on board during our upcoming Score! Match discussions.

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