Passing any time you want or doing a skill to avoid a tackle


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  • Nesto

    This is indeed something annoying in the game. If you defend well at corners often the only free player is the highest positioned on the pitch. He will take the ball and run like an idiot towards the oposite side. The first defender he meet means in 95% of the cases losing possession. Better would be that his player holds possesion and tries to find teammates to set up a counterattack like in a real game would happen.

    Another good change would be the option to change the direction of the triangle in which you can pass the ball. This would make the game so much more inpredictable and realistic. Now you often are offered only 1 or even zero possibilities to keep possession because all teammates are covered by defenders.

    The offside rule is good but not always clear for the player. Sometimes you have 3 players in off-side position and no other players to pass to. Please fix this or make off side impossible. Now it looks like the game uses this to let you loose games. It's better if you lose becaue the other player is better and deserves it than just because the game decided that you should loose.

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