About Player Upgrade (Other people's stories, not me)


  • Olayinka Michael Olamide

    It's actually true. Cuz when I and my friends downloaded the game and started playing, I could upgrade players more than trice while they couldn't. They were pretty mad 😡 I was happy feeling I was lucky until I switched on my data connection. LOL 😂. Once you are connected to DLS online, it writes a configuration file that restricts you from unlimited player upgrades. But the system can also be cheated, (seen that somewhere online YouTube 😜)

    But I wouldn't advise you to cheat . Be a good guy and upgrade ur players after every match. Good luck ! 👍  

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  • Nura Isa S Garo

    That also happen to me at first, i upgrade my players without limit and its not a cheat, after their is no access to it has limited to three

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