Simple suggestion after update


  • David

    Thanks for the suggestion Tyler. I know how you feel and it's not a bad idea, which we'll consider during our usual discussions.

    Hopefully the fear of being relegated doesn't put you off playing, and I hope you can still experiment and have fun, even if you do lose a few matches (you'll gain players, upgrade them, and be back up eventually even if you do go down).

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  • terryleung

    I totally agree
    i used to play tens of game a day in arena 1 in the old system

    i like to test tactics and try out things without pressure. i also play on bus where i cant even draw a straight line

    But with new system, i only play at night with my ipad for competition

    Also the testing arena should give no box in case it is implemented. Actually sometimes we just need a playground to test and relaif possible, give small prize like 10-100 bux for winning is more motivating

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