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  • David

    Hey Toni, thanks for your detailed post - it's great to see a lot of suggestions for our game and I'll try and answer your points.


    1. I can't say we're planning your exact idea, but we are looking at different game modes and ways for competitive players to really play their way to the top in competitive environments. We know there's skill involved in the way, so we hope these methods will help players be able to show this and be rewarded for it.

    2. Thanks for this gameplay suggestion, we'll consider it for the future.

    3. You should be obtaining more in your packages at higher Arenas. We know that you can suddenly be forced to play in lower Arenas to earn more Bux, but if you manage your balance carefully you shouldn't have this problem. Also, we hope the game is enjoyable enough on its own that the journey to earn your way back up doesn't feel like a grind.

    4. This is something we'll take a look at in our regular game balancing discussions, thanks for the input.


    Hope that helps!

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  • Andrea S

    point 3 is really important.

    my little nephew started playing, connected with my wife's FB account.

    he's much better than me (damn: young generation...), so he won easily first 10-15 games.

    now he's at level 3, but of course with a weak team (players at level 1 or 2). if he lose some games in a row, he's now forced to play with stronger teams, also at lower arenas and it's difficult to recover buxs.

    if he had lost previously some games, now he'll probabily have a stronger team (or, probably, more bux!): more time and more packages to build players.

    i hope to have explained this situation (excuse me for bad english!)

    cheers from italy





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