A lengthy "review" of the changes in DLS20 so far


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  • Vu Duc Nhat Minh

    Ok so I’ve just found out that the gauge around the player’s overall is not the progress to raise their rarity, but actually the maximum amount of coaching one can get.
    That must be the single most terrible mechanic I’ve ever seen. That actually DISCOURAGES people from building teams with players they actually like and encourage using only top players, so unless you build your team nigh identical to everyone else you won’t have a chance of competing in the top flight because the players you have PHYSICALLY CANNOT reach high enough overalls. For example, Christian Pullisic cannot get higher than 88 OVR, even after you’ve wasted so many resources on coaches, so if you want a competitive winger you’ll HAVE to buy someone better.
    This is making me drop the game completely. I honestly don’t know why anyone would think this is a good idea. Now everyone’s teams in Multiplayer’s top flight will be the same, diverse team building is completely pointless now.
    It’s a shame, this bew version had so much potential. This is just a slap to the face.

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