Update 7.21 Notes


  • Dipo Dwijaya

    Bravo for update.

    My suggestion is don't let Facebook save user data. During the game as long as their sign in, I think it's OK if Facebook save the data but after that user has right to choice whether the data save in their Facebook account or not.

    That's all.

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  • Vaigunthkool8

    Cool, the update is good.

    I suggest you to add "player's moral" as it was in FTS15 to increase difficulty of the game. Allow investing in club , using gems to get coins same as FTS15. Please make it possible to train players individually using coach.

    And a complaint, when I was playing online game I encountered users who had all the football superstars at the beginning of game release. I think they may be cheating.

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  • Damar Álvarez

    Exelent update.

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