Dear FTG why dont you nerf 3-5-2 and 532?


  • Nickvankartosen

    Do something about it FTG!
    Remember you people programming a soccer game at the first place. Not a Volly Game!
    Or maybe you people at FTG should change the game name to VolleyMatch!

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    Nickvankartosen they wont reply because im really sure they like the game just like this simple and broken, and its really sad because the game can be alot of fun when you play somebody that isent playing 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 with 4-5 hammers on their team and can only score the same way they have score their last 8889 goals ( header from crosses XD).

    But it is very funny that a 4-4-2 formation cant guard a 5-3-2 wing back or a winger in 3-5-2 :D

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  • PlayerJack

    It's not the formation, but the use most people make of it. I use 3 5 2 with a Jet and a Poacher in attack, and don't use volley (actually I have a level 9 Matsumoto sitting on the bench). The core problem is the bug with the headers: Novak or Matsumoto basically can score with a header from OUTSIDE the little area of the penalty. That is not realistic, and simply ridicoulous. And the second problem is that the Artificial Intelligence is super invasive. I mean, even a level 10 player can have a bad day, or a couple of bad games, but it looks like your ability in the game count something like 40%, and the remaining 60% is luck, rebounds, arbitrary fouls, etc. It feels that, after you hard earn your skills and high level for your players it still has a very low impact in a game, when in a tournament a level 6 explorer runs out a level 10 intruder or jet.

    I repeat, it's fine if it happens once in a while, but in each game there are pure Benny Hill's comedy moments, defenders that make tackles 5 virtual meters away from the striker. And now Thunder, another high and slow player. It looks like you're encouraging volley.

    One solution might be, in a next update, could be that, exept for guards and explorer, wich the game already gives in pair, you CANNOT have two equal players on the field. No two or three (one time i counted 5 in a team) Hammers, two commanders, two menaces etc. I know that it won't change much since it's easy to readjust you team anyway, but it would be a signal.

    Actually, I will make a post about this.

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